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Lithium hydroxide monohydrate


Origin : China

Delivery time : One week

Supply capacity : 5000MT per annum

Purity : ≥56.5%

cas no. : 1310-66-3

As an additive for alkaline battery electrolyte, it can increase the electric capacity by 12% to 15% and increase the service life by 2 to 3 times.

Lithium Hydroxide

Lithium Hydroxide (LiOH)

 Product Name

Lithium Hydroxide

 Other Name
Lithium hydroxide hydrate,lioh h2o
 CAS No.1310-66-3
 Molecular FormulaLi.HO.H2O
 Molecular Weight41.96 g·mol−1
  Purity ≥56.5%
  Na+K ≤0.02%
 Ca ≤ 0.025%
 Fe ≤ 0.0015%
 Cl- ≤ 0.015%
 CO32- ≤ 0.70%

≤ 0.020%

 HCI insoluble

 ≤ 0.005%

Water insoluble≤ 0.010%
Storage Keep container closed. 
Store away from acids and water
ApplicationsGrease,Resins,Coatings and Electronics

CAS NO. 1310-66-3

Lithium hydroxide in electronical industry

Several leading commodity researchers have forecast an extraordinary increase in the demand and consumption of high-purity, battery-grade lithium hydroxide and carbonate, underpinned by growth in rechargeable batteries.

Lithium hydroxide cathodes are used in Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries; these have better power density, longer life cycle and enhanced safety qualities. Forecasts indicate that lithium hydroxide is expected to experience similar growth to that of lithium carbonate a few years ago.


Galvanized iron drum (net weight :200 KG ) 

Painting iron drum (net weight :200 KG ) 

PE drum (net weight :200 KG ) 

IBC drum (net weight :1000 KG ) 

ISO Tank (net weight :20 MT ) 

All samples are packed with HDPE bottles (net weight :25 KG ,10 KG , 5 KG , 1 KG ,500 g ,250 g ,100 g )

1x20" FCL: 16Mt/ 200kg*80Drums, 1x20" ISO TANK: 20Mt. 

IBC drum of 1000kg (N.W.),etc.

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Lithium Hydroxide

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CAS NO. 1310-66-3

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