Succinic Anhydride-Main product In EAST CHEMICAL

Succinic Anhydride-Main product In EAST CHEMICAL

Names: Succinic anhydride, Butanedioic anhydride, 2,5-diketotetrahydrofuran,dihydro-5-furandione, bernsteinsaure-anhydrid, dihydro-2,5-furandione.

Description: white orthogonal conical and biconical crystallization at normal temperature.It is stable in the air, not easy to be deliquescent.A little pungent smell.Melting point is 119.6 ℃, boiling point 261 ℃, sublimation point 90 ℃ (266 pa), relative density 1.2340 (20/4 ℃).Insoluble in water and ether, dissolved in chloroform, hydrolyzed slowly in cold water and hydrolyzed rapidly in hot water.

Production methods:

1. Direct catalytic hydrogenation of maleic anhydride maleic anhydride in palladium - alumina (or copper salt molybdate), in the presence of catalyst in 160 ℃;5.8 MPa, the hydrogenation can be prepared with dihydrogenic anhydride.The conversion rate is 98.8%.The selectivity of butyric acid anhydride is 100%.

2. Succinic acid encapsulation-dehydration succinic acid heated to above 260 ℃, or join a certain amount of toluene and naphthalene four hydrogen, heated to above 200 ℃ at the same time, can be dehydrated ChengDing two anhydride.The content and yield of butyric acid anhydride are around 90%.The dewatering process of succinic acid can also be carried out in the presence of dehydrating agent acetic anhydride, phosphorus pentaoxide and trichloride phosphorus.Will, for example, succinic acid and phosphorus oxychloride as heating reflux, making hydrogen chloride gas escape, then vacuum distillation, collected 160-165 ℃ (5.33 kPa) fractions, after cooling for a quick white block of succinic anhydride.

Application: coating, medicine, synthetic resin and dye raw materials.The coatings made by it are flexible and water-resistant, and they are used in medicine to produce vitamin A and sulfonamide.Pesticides can be used to produce fungicides, pesticides and plant growth regulators.Butyric acid anhydride and its derivatives can be used as the crosslinking agent for olefin polymerization catalyst, the crosslinking agent of ester polymer condensation, the photostabilizer of high polymer, ultraviolet absorbent, etc., and also used as oil field auxiliaries.Succinic anhydride can also produce plasticizer.There are also many USES for the defense system.

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