Origin : China

Delivery time : One week

Supply capacity : 5000MT per annum

Purity : ≥99.0

cas no. : 616-45-5

2-pyrrolidone is an important chemical raw material widely used in medicine, textile, dye, paint, cosmetics and other industries, such as the manufacture of brain rehabilitation, nylon 4 and artificial plasma.


cas no 616-45-5

 Product Name


 Other Name
2P, Pyrrolidin-2-one
 CAS No616-45-5
EINECS No210-483-1
 Molecular FormulaC4H7NO
 Molecular Weight85.11 g·mol−1
Density 1.116 g/cm3
  Flash Point129 °C (264 °F)
Appearance Colorless liquid
Purity (%)≥99.0
Moisture (%) ≤0.2
GBL (%)≤0.2
Amine  (%)





1. Used in synthesis of pharmaceutical intermediates.

2. Used in synthesis of NVP,PVP,etc.

2-pyrrolidone cas no 616-45-5

2-Pyrrolidone is an organic compound consisting of a 5-membered lactam, making it the simplest γ-lactam. It is a colorless liquid that is miscible with water and most common organic solvents.

It is produced industrially by treating butyrolactone with ammonia. Alternative routes include the partial hydrogenation of succinimide and the carbonylation of allylamine with methyl amine. 2-Pyrrolidone is an intermediate in the production of vinylpyrrolidone and the drug piracetam.


Galvanized iron drum (net weight :200 KG ) 

Painting iron drum (net weight :200 KG ) 

PE drum (net weight :200 KG ) 

IBC drum (net weight :1000 KG ) 

ISO Tank (net weight :20 MT ) 

All samples are packed with HDPE bottles (net weight :25 KG ,10 KG , 5 KG , 1 KG ,500 g ,250 g ,100 g )

1x20" FCL: 16Mt/ 200kg*80Drums, 1x20" ISO TANK: 20Mt. 

IBC drum of 1000kg (N.W.),etc.

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cas no 616-45-5

2-pyrrolidone cas no 616-45-5

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