Why is dicyclohexylamine so scarce? Turns out it has so many uses!


Dicyclohexylamine is a fine chemical intermediate with a wide range of uses. In the past, due to the lack of domestic resources, little attention was paid to its research and application. Dicyclohexylamine at home and abroad is usually a by-product of cyclohexylamine production. In my country, catalytic hydrogenation of aniline is generally used to synthesize cyclohexylamine, and dicyclohexylamine is co-produced at the same time. Depending on the reaction conditions and catalysts, different proportions of cyclohexylamine and dicyclohexylamine can be obtained. If they are not deliberately adjusted, they can generally be by-products. About 10% of dicyclohexylamine is obtained.

The fatty acid salts and sulfates of the printing and dyeing auxiliary dicyclohexylamine have the same detergency as soap. This type of salt is an emulsifier with excellent performance and is mainly used in the printing, dyeing and textile industries.

Medicines and Pesticides Dicyclohexylamine can be used to synthesize a variety of medicines and pesticides. For example, dicyclohexylamine can be used to synthesize stetonimine, a new drug for the treatment of hypertension. It can also be used to synthesize a variety of new anti-tumor drugs, and can also be used for drug extraction. agent. Dicyclohexylamine can be used to synthesize pesticides. Dicyclohexylamine carbamoyl chloride is an excellent plant protection agent.

The material additive dicyclohexylamineis an additive waterproofing agent with good performance. In some plastic and rubber building materials, adding a certain amount of dicyclohexylamine can improve the hydrophobicity and corrosion resistance of the materials.


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