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Shenyang East Chemical Science-Tech Co., Ltd.

Shenyang East Chemical Science-Tech Co., Ltd. is a company supplying fine chemical product and service, specializing in electronics and pharmaceutical industries and other chemical related industries. The company is mainly dealing in the BDO and its derivatives, including GBL, NMP and THF, the optical functional resin materials, the fine chemical intermediate and ohter environment-friendly organic solvent; it also provides clients with customization and chemicals synthesis service. The company has always been focusing on the electronics(IC/LCD/Lithium-ion battery/insulating materials), pharmaceutical intermediate, daily chemical, agrochem, painting, printing ink and pigment industries by virtue of its rich professional knowledge.

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  • THF is an important organic synthetic raw material and a solvent with excellent performance. It is applied to resin solvent (tape coating, PVC surface coating, cleaning of PVC reactor, removal of PVC film, cellophane coating, plastic printing ink, thermoplastic polyurethane coating); Reaction solvent (Grignard reagent, alkyl alkali metal compound and aryl alkali metal compound, aluminum hydride and boron hydride, steroid compound and macromolecular organic polymer); Chemical intermediate products (polymerization to produce PTMEG and natural gas flavoring agent); Chromatographic solvent (gel permeation chromatography). Used as solvent and raw material for organic synthesis.

  • NMP here refers to N-methylpyrrolidone. N-methylpyrrolidone is a colorless or light yellow transparent, oily liquid with a slight smell of ammonia. Its toxicity is small, but long-term exposure may cause certain damage to skin and mucous membrane, respiratory tract, eyes, etc.