Application of sodium gluconate in construction industry

By adding a water reducing agent to reduce the ratio of water to cement (W / C), the industrial grade of sodium gluconate can be lowered. By adding sodium gluconate, the following effects can be obtained: 1. Improved processability When the water to cement ratio (W / C) is constant, the addition of sodium gluconate improves processability. At this time, sodium gluconate functions as a plasticizer. When the amount of sodium gluconate is less than 0.1%, the degree of improvement in workability is proportional to the amount added. 2. Increase the strength When the cement content remains unchanged, the water content in the concrete can be reduced (ie, W / C is reduced). When the amount of sodium gluconate added is 0.1%, the amount of water added can be reduced by 10%. 3. Reduce cement content Water and cement content are reduced in the same proportion, and the W / C ratio remains unchanged. At this time, sodium gluconate is used as a cement reducing agent. In general, the following two aspects are important for the performance of concrete: shrinkage and heat.

Sodium gluconate is used as a retarder.

Sodium gluconate significantly retards the initial and final set time of the concrete. When the dosage is 0.15% or less, the logarithm of the initial solidification time is proportional to the amount of addition, that is, the mixing amount is doubled, and the initial solidification time is delayed by ten times, which makes the working time prolonged very high without prolonging the force without affecting the force. It takes a few hours. This is an important advantage, especially in hot weather and takes longer.

Special cleaner for glass bottles

In the beverage industry, the food industry, the brewing industry, hundreds of millions of glass bottles, such as soda bottles, beer bottles, milk bottles, canned bottles, soy sauce bottles, wine bottles, etc., cleaning work is very important, detergent formulation is a daunting Technical task.

Used as a water stabilizer

Because sodium gluconate has excellent anti-corrosion and scale inhibition effects, it is widely used as a water quality stabilizer, such as petrochemical enterprise circulating cooling water system, low-pressure boiler, internal combustion engine cooling water system.

For medical use

It regulates the acid-base balance in the human body, restores normal nerve function, and can also be used for food additives of the same purpose.

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