Basic overview of lithium carbonate

Lithium carbonate, an inorganic compound, is prepared by sintering spodumene and limestone at high temperature to form lithium aluminate and leaching lithium hydroxide solution, which reacts with sodium carbonate. It can also be made by using the lithium containing material solution after extracting barium chloride from brine, removing calcium and magnesium ions by soda ash, acidifying with hydrochloric acid, and then reacting with soda ash. 

It is also used to prepare catalyst for chemical reaction. There are also applications in semiconductor, ceramics, television, medicine and atomic energy industries. Used as analytical reagent in analytical chemistry. It is also used in lithium-ion batteries. It is used as accelerator in cement admixture. 

Lithium carbonate is the basic compound of lithium, which can be widely used in industry, medicine, battery industry and other fields. Industrial lithium carbonate is widely used in atomic energy, aerospace, military industry and refrigeration, welding, lithium alloy, controlled nuclear fusion reactor, metallurgy continuous casting and other fields. Battery grade lithium carbonate can be used as electrode material and electrolyte material of lithium ion battery. The medicinal lithium carbonate is called "emotional corrector", and it can also be used to make other lithium compounds used in medicine.

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