Dow Announces Expansion of Global Alcohol Ether Solvent Capacity in Phase

Dow Announces Expansion of Global Alcohol Ether Solvent Capacity in Phase

The Dow Chemical Company today announced a phased investment to expand its global alcohol ether solvent capacity to meet the growing demand for critical end markets and applications. After the investment is completed, Dow's global lip gloss solvent product line will be upgraded to twice the current capacity.

Dow plans to implement seven “bottleneck” projects in phases to expand the production capacity of P-series and functional alcohol ether solvent product lines including DOWANOL alcohol ether solvent. The first phase of the investment will begin in 2018 and will be phased in in the next few years. The first batch capacity increase will be completed by the end of 2019.

Urbanization, a growing middle class, more stringent regulations, and increasingly severe sustainability challenges have prompted continued growth in the demand for alcohol ether solvents. The application of lip gloss solvents in various fields can help improve end product performance and reduce adverse effects on human health and the environment.

Ester Baiget, President of Dow Industrial Solutions, said: "Dow's decision to expand the capacity of alcohol ether solvent indicates our long-term commitment to the product line and related industries. These initiatives will make Dow customer-centric and most trustworthy. The status of the supplier has been further consolidated."

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