Lithium hydroxide data

Lithium hydroxide


White monoclinic fine crystals. It has a spicy taste. Strongly alkaline. It absorbs carbon dioxide and moisture in the air. Soluble in water, slightly soluble in ethanol, insoluble in ether. The pH of the 1 mol/L solution is about 14. The relative density is 1.51. The temperature of 471 ° C (anhydrous). The boiling point of 925 ° C (decomposition). Corrosive.

Do not allow undiluted or large quantities of product to come into contact with ground water, waterways or sewage systems if it is slightly hazardous to water. If there is no government permission, do not discharge the materials into the surrounding environment.

Lithium hydroxide can be used as a developing agent and lubricating oil for spectroscopic analysis. The additive of the alkaline battery electrolyte can increase the electric capacity by 12% to 15% and increase the service life by 2 to 3 times. It can be used as an absorbent for carbon dioxide to purify the air inside the submarine.

Used in the production of lithium salt and lithium grease, electrolyte for alkaline storage batteries, absorption liquid for lithium bromide refrigerators, etc.; used in petroleum, chemical, light industry, nuclear industry, etc. When used in alkaline storage batteries, the aluminum content is not more than 0.06%, and the lead content is not more than 0.01%. Used as an analytical reagent, photographic developer, also used in the manufacture of lithium; used as a raw material for the preparation of lithium compounds. Can also be used in metallurgy, petroleum, glass, ceramics and other industries.

Precautions for use

Health hazard: This product is extremely corrosive and can burn eyes, skin and upper respiratory tract. Oral corrosion of the digestive tract can cause death. Inhalation can cause laryngeal, bronchial inflammation, convulsions, chemical pneumonia, pulmonary edema, etc.

Environmental hazard: It may be harmful to the environment and may cause pollution to water bodies.

Explosion hazard: This product is non-combustible and highly corrosive, causing burns to the human body.

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