naphthalene formaldehyde water reducer

naphthalene formaldehyde water reducer

Chemical Name:

Naphthalene sulfonate formaldehyde condensate, sodium salt of polynaphthalene Sulfonic acid, naphthalene formaldehyde water reducer. β-Sodium Naphthalene Sulfonate formaldehyde condensate.


It can be used together with anionic and nonionic surface active agents. It is resistant to acid, alkali, hard water, salt, diffusing and protective colloid, and has no paint penetration and foaming. It has affinity for protein and nylon fiber and has no affinity for cotton and linen fiber.

Main technical indicators:

1. Appearance: powder brown powder.

2, solid content: powder ≥ 94%

3. The liquidity of the pulp is ≥230mm.

4. The sodium sulfate content is ≤10.

5. Chloride ion content ≤0.5%.

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