polyvinyl pyrrolidon pvp

Polyvinyl pyrrolidone K30 is used as a powder and solution in the production of pharmaceutical tablets because of its adhesion properties.

Since PVP K30 quickly forms a clear solution, it is suitable for producing high-solubility tablets. This product can be used as a solubility enhancer in polar solvents for topical and oral applications.

In addition, PVP K30 also plays an important role in emulsion stability and anti-sedimentation.

Polyvinyl pyrrolidone, due to its chemical structure (the presence of a lactam ring), can form a complex with many molecules containing functional groups such as hydroxyl, carboxylic and amine.


• As a binder in a variety of oral tablets.

• Film forming in coated tablets.

• Contribute to the uniform distribution of pigment, stabilization and preservation of the composition of the percentage of pigments in the coating

• Stabilization of suspensions.

It finds use in detergents as an anti-redeposition agent(especially on carbonaceous soil) and as an anti-dyetransfer agent, where it complexes and solubilizes vagrant

dyes keeping clothes more color-pure.

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