DL-Methionine feed grade

DL-Methionine feed grade
  • One week
  • 5000MT per annum

DL-Methionine is an essential additive in animal feed. The brand manufacturer's products have stable quality and reach the top international level.


Product introduction

DL-Methionine is the "backbone" amino acid for the biosynthesis of proteins, and it is one of the essential amino acids for the growth of poultry and livestock. It has a strong regulatory effect on the metabolism of animals and is widely used in feed, medicine, food, and cosmetics industries. The feed industry has the largest usage of methionine. Adding 1 kg of methionine to feed is equivalent to the nutritional value of 50 kg of fish meal. The recommended dosage of methionine in feed is generally 0.05% to 0.2%.

Product specification

Molecular Formula


CAS Registry No.


Chemical Name


Molecular Weight






White or light grey crystal

Light grey crystal




Loss on drying



Chloride  (NaCl)










High Grade Product

Product application

1. The function of methionine in feed

1) Promotes growth and improves productivity: Adding an appropriate amount of methionine to feed for livestock and ruminant animals can improve feed conversion rate and utilization of protein sources, thereby increasing efficiency. Adding an appropriate amount of methionine to feed for laying hens can effectively improve their productivity and egg quality.

2) Enhances animal immunity: The level of protein and amino acids in the diet affects the immune function of animals. Methionine can promote the absorption of other nutrients in ruminant animals, improve their resistance, and reduce mortality.

3) Hepatoprotective effect: Methionine is beneficial for protecting the liver during metabolic processes.

4) Detoxification effect: Methionine can bind with mycotoxins in feed, reducing their toxicity. Methionine also has inhibitory effects on molds. Adding methionine to feed can prevent or control the decomposition of nutrients by molds.

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feed grade DL-Methionine


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